We relocated to Cork just recently from Germany. As parents, we were concerned about how our kids would fit in given the fact that both our daughters couldn't speak English at all. A couple of months into the school year we can already tell that those concerns were completely wrong. They are doing well in Rockboro and enjoy going to school every day. Who would have thought that? The secret behind that is the teachers at Rockboro. They are doing an excellent job teaching our daughters every day. They always take the extra effort to adjust the tasks for every student based on their needs. But it is not just that. It is their personality that is making a difference. Our daughters flat-out love them. What sets Rockboro apart from other schools beyond the teachers is the seamless integration of extracurricular activities such as the piano lessons that are taking place during the school day, as well as the additional English classes that our daughters attend. And every Friday another highlight is taking place right before the weekend begins, it is the trip to the local pool where the kids have swimming lessons.

Rockboro is a positive child-focused school, offering a diverse curriculum, and fun learning environment that supports an engaged and positive outcome and experience. The teachers, culture, and approach to learning are amazing, I'm so glad we found it... Having relocated from the Australian education system, Rockboro has provided caring and individualized support which has made the move a positive one for the child, and a seamless one as a parent. It is an amazing and positive child-centered school.

We are a German family and have moved to Ireland two years ago. Our two kids didn't speak English before. Rockboro offered them a family-like atmosphere with small classes where they felt welcome and integrated from the start. The school has a private English teacher for children with a different mother tongue, so in the meantime our kids have become fluent in English. Everyone at Rockboro is extremely friendly and accessible. The activities that the school offers are great. Our kids especially love the creative ones like sewing or arts and crafts. It's also amazing that there is a wonderful music teacher who teaches music and who also gives private lessons at school every Thursday.

“Rockboro has an amazing community feel with impressive parental participation. The school environment is happy, productive and inclusive. It is utterly unique in the education and ethos it provides. The school encourages confident, happy and well rounded children, loved and enjoyed by both children and parents.”

“Our children very much enjoy their school experience in Rockboro because they have always felt cared for by the teachers and other parents. It is a safe place for children to be themselves and because there are small groups every child gets a chance to ‘shine.’”

“Rockboro is a wonderful school because it has such a strong school community – the children are relaxed and happy and develop strong lasting friendships (as do the parents). It is obvious that all the teachers are highly motivated and very interested in each child, making sure they are cared for throughout their school life. Children feel very happy going to school in Rockboro.”

“We view Rockboro as more than a school; it’s an extension of our community, which is so important in a world where we are almost anonymous in our community.”

“Small classes, friendly inclusive environment. Motivated teachers which leads to motivated children. Large choice of extra-curricular activities. Approachable teachers.”

We are so glad that we ultimately chose Rockboro as we considered schools in the Cork area for our two girls. Moving from abroad, we had many questions and concerns that the staff patiently and kindly addressed. Because of Rockboro’s experience with international students, the transition for our girls was seamless. The community of parents, students and teachers was warm and welcoming and immediately made us feel comfortable and connected. These things, combined with the unique learning opportunities the school provided were invaluable. We couldn’t have imagined a more positive experience for our whole family than the one we found at Rockboro’

We moved to Ireland in 2016. My husband had already flown in May as his new job led us to Ireland. At the end of August, just before the new school year, our son and I also followed. Much has changed because of the move but we already feel very comfortable here in a short time. We really noticed this after a visit to Germany. On our return we agreed that we are now at home here. The people are friendly and open-minded. We had the greatest concern because of the new language for our son, but his teachers and classmates at the school have supported him incredibly well. In the last few months he has already formed an enormous vocabulary, which grows day by day. He also feels at home here and does not miss Germany. All in all, we really like the people we have met here and the multitude of different nationalities that are encountered every day’.

We are a Spanish family living in Cork and our two children attend Rockboro Primary School. We chose this school because it is mixed, has small classes and it is multi-denominational. It was a real relief to find it because the options out there were very limited if these are your priorities. So here we were, new town, new school, new life. And I think that choosing Rockboro was one of the wisest decisions we made when we arrived in Cork. The community of parents that we have at Rockboro is something we would not change for the world. Mainly all our friends and our children’s friends are somehow linked to the school. They love going to school, there is a safe and gentle atmosphere where our children develop and grow confident. All children interact with each other, not matter what class they’re in. Also, the variety of extra-curricular activities after school is something very important for both children and working parents!’