Physical Education

All classes from Junior Infants to J6 take part in 2 classes of P.E. each week. Each P.E. lesson is 30 minutes and is taught by a fully qualified P.E. teacher. Lessons take place on Tuesday and Thursday and pupils wear their Rockboro School tracksuit to school on these days.

P.E. at Rockboro School incorporates a wide variety of movement activities. Our P.E. curriculum is based on the principles of variety and diversity, and is made up of the following 5 Strands;

  1. Games,
  2. Athletics,
  3. Gymnastics,
  4. Dance,
  5. Outdoor Activities.

As part of our Games Strand pupils from J2 to J6 are introduced to the game of Hockey (Mini Hockey & Unihoc).  Hockey lessons take place every Thursday during Term 1. Pupils must wear a gum shield and shin guards when taking part.

Rockboro recognises the importance of enjoying physical activity, as well as the development and understanding of physical skills and activities. P.E. also provides opportunities for the pupils to develop personal and social attributes, such as a sense of fair play and co-operation in team situations.

Rockboro School is a member of the Inter Schools Sports Association. We take part in a number of sporting events throughout the school year, competing against other member schools. We participate in the ISSA Hockey Tournament, Soccer Tournament, Hockey Blitz and Inter Schools Sports Day. There are also a number of other sports events that take place on the school grounds during the year. The J5 Gymnastics Display takes place in February and the Fun Sports Day takes place in June. Rockboro Sports Day takes place in February at CIT Athletics Track, Bishopstown.  All pupils from Junior Infants to J6 take part in our annual sports day.

Rockboro School is an active school and we are in the process of applying for our Active School Blue Flag. Our school slogan is “Stay Fit. Don’t Quit”

Every Friday each class has a 40 minute tennis lesson taught by a qualified tennis coach. Pupils wear their school tracksuit for these lessons.

We also have a number of extra – curricular After School activities:

Tuesday – Junior Soccer

Wednesday – Ballet

Thursday – Senior Soccer

Friday – Hockey