School Fees

Rockboro School is a charitable trust and it is owned by a parents association. As such, it receives no funding from either the state or from a religious organisation. As a result, the school relies on fees and some additional fund-raising to run the school.

The school fees include all text books, copy books, art materials and swimming lessons (including transportation to the pool). Fees are due twice annually on 15th July and 15th December. We also offer a facility whereby you can pay by Standing Order in nine equal monthly instalments commencing on 15th July.

If you wish to enrol your child in the Pre-School, you should note that Rockboro Pre-School participates in the Early Childhood Education scheme (ECCE). This government scheme is available to children within the qualifying age range (normally between 3 years 3 months and 4 years 6 months on 1st September each year).

Please contact our school administrator at for details.