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P.E. Timetable 2019 / 2020 Ms. Julie Ward

J2 pupils taking part in a game of mini hockey during their P.E. lesson.

We incorporate a variety of games into the Games Strand of our P.E. Curriculum.


Our J3 Dance Leaders practising “Santa Clones Crazy Christmas Dance”

They will perform and teach this dance to all of our pupils as part of our Active December Programme.

All classes are taking part in the ‘Active Break Every Day Challenge’, as a whole school initiative, over 4 weeks. The challenge is running from Monday 11th November to Friday 6th December.


The Active School Committee with the ASF chart which has been signed by all the school.
The students of Rockboro receiving their ‘Super Trooper’ Homework Journals
Congratulations to the students who completed the Blue Level of their Health Homework Journal. Each student was presented with a Super Trooper Certificate. Well done.
Our J3 Dance Leaders