At Rockboro, we view ourselves as an extended family with parents playing a key role in the daily life and in the running of the school. The involvement of parents in the school does not stop at the door when children are dropped off at the beginning of the school day. Parents are encouraged to meet with teachers and to discuss their children’s progress, both on an academic and a personal level. The interaction between parents and teaching staff is key to the success of our school and we welcome feedback from our parents at all times.

The lives of children attending attending Rockboro School are enriched by the many ways in which parents devote their time and energy towards building our community. Parents make a vital contribution to the school by organising and participating in various fundraising events (including the Halloween, Christmas and Easter Fairs) which are enjoyed by pupils and parents alike.

Our parents also help to organise various sports activities; assist in our annual drama and musical productions; act as library volunteers and help teachers during scheduled class library sessions; and organise extra-curricular activities involving art, drama and cooking.

Rockboro School has always encouraged parents to be actively involved in the running of the school. As a charitable trust, Rockboro is not owned by either a religious order or the state, but rather it is run by the Rockboro School Association Committee. As a result, the school is able to determine its own future through the efforts of each generation of parents in partnership with the teaching staff.

Parents can play an important role in the running of the school by volunteering to be a Class Representative which involves acting as a communication channel between parents and teachers. In addition, parents can act as members of the Rockboro School Association Committee which meets ten times per annum.