Parent Testimonials

What Our Parents Say About Rockboro

“Rockboro has an amazing community feel with impressive parental participation. The school environment is happy, productive and inclusive. It is utterly unique in the education and ethos it provides. The school encourages confident, happy and well rounded children, loved and enjoyed by both children and parents.”

“Our children very much enjoy their school experience in Rockboro because they have always felt cared for by the teachers and other parents. It is a safe place for children to be themselves and because there are small groups every child gets a chance to ‘shine.’”

“Rockboro is a wonderful school because it has such a strong school community – the children are relaxed and happy and develop strong lasting friendships (as do the parents). It is obvious that all the teachers are highly motivated and very interested in each child, making sure they are cared for throughout their school life. Children feel very happy going to school in Rockboro.”

“We view Rockboro as more than a school; it’s an extension of our community, which is so important in a world where we are almost anonymous in our community.”

“Small class sizes; therefore, individual student attention. Lots of positive praise given to the pupils. Kind and respectful ethos.”

“Excellent Teachers. Small size classes. Motivated Teachers.”

“I am grateful that our child has this established, caring, supportive environment in which to grow and learn.”

“Our children have gone from strength to strength.”

“Having done a lot of research I am confident in our choice of Pre-School and in time [Primary] school… second to none.”

“Small class sizes. Great atmosphere. Very good range of subjects.”

“The school has created an environment where children develop into confident, well rounded, articulate individuals.”

“Small classes, friendly inclusive environment. Motivated teachers which leads to motivated children. Large choice of extra-curricular activities. Approachable teachers.”

“They have a very good structured balance to their school programme and prepare students very well for secondary school.”

“My son is in Pre-School and is thriving due to the small numbers and one to one attention he gets.”

 “Small number of pupils per class; Reading encouragement by regular visits to the library; Pupils receive extra support when needed; Mix of cultures; Friendly community that creates a nice and relaxed environment for children to grow in.”

Meet teachers regularly at drop off so can keep up to speed with any issues. Small class sizes allow for a lot of individual attention.”

Rockboro is a school where every child is valued and where there is a warm and caring atmosphere – children thrive in Rockboro.”

“Encouragement of teacher/student/parent interaction; Early opening and afterschool facilities; Small class sizes; Extra curricular activities (Sparks, sports etc).”

“[Rockboro has] the ability to maximise the potential of every child in a nurturing and caring environment. I also think there the children develop a good sense of healthy competition and want to perform well. Public speaking is a wonderful way to increase confidence and prepare them for secondary school.”

“Diverse (age/culture/nationality); excellent school & community spirit; focused and individual learning support; innovative initiatives.”

“It has been a hugely positive experience – Rockboro is like an extension to our family.”