International/Expat Parents

Here at Rockboro we are proud of our thriving International/Expat community.
Over the years we have welcomed parents and children from all over the world. We see the addition of new people and cultures as a necessary and enriching element of our school life.
We appreciate that moving to a new country can be challenging. At Rockboro we have a fantastic community of children and parents who are extremely welcoming and inclusive both inside and outside of school hours.
If you are thinking about joining Rockboro or would like to know more, we will put you in touch with a parent in your child’s class who will help you with any questions or thoughts you might have regarding school or settling into life in Cork.

We also encourage you to meet one of our parents for a coffee before you start school as it’s always good to know a friendly face in a new environment.
At Rockboro, we have an open-door policy for parents in which we encourage our parents to drop their children to their classrooms every morning. As a result, our parents interact with one another on a daily basis and form friendships which provide the foundation of our strong, vibrant, parent community.
It is fair to say many that many lifelong friendships are made at Rockboro by both our children and also our parents….

🇪🇸 We are a Spanish family living in Cork and our two children attend Rockboro Primary School. We chose this school because it is mixed, has small classes and it is multi-denominational. It was a real relief to find it because the options out there were very limited if these are your priorities.
So here we were, new town, new school, new life. And I think that choosing Rockboro was one of the wisest decisions we made when we arrived in Cork. The community of parents that we have at Rockboro is something we would not change for the world. Mainly all our friends and our children’s friends are somehow linked to the school. They love going to school, there is a safe and gentle atmosphere where our children develop and grow confident. All children interact with each other, not matter what class they’re in. Also, the variety of extra-curricular activities after school is something very important for both children and working parents!’

Somos una familia española que vive en Cork y Rockboro Primary School es el centro escolar al que acuden nuestros dos hijos. Elegimos este colegio principalmente porque es mixto, las clases son pequeñas y es multi-confesional. Fue un alivio encontrarlo, la verdad, porque es difícil encontrar un centro que cumpla esos requisitos. Así que aquí estábamos, nueva ciudad, nuevo colegio, nueva vida. La comunidad de padres que encontramos en Rockboro no la cambiaríamos por nada. Prácticamente todos nuestros amigos y los de nuestros hijos están ligados al colegio. A nuestros hijos les encanta ir, se respira un ambiente tranquilo y de seguridad en el que los niños se desarrollan personalmente y adquieren confianza. Todos los estudiantes interactúan unos con otros aunque pertenezcan a distintos cursos. ¡Y la oferta de actividades una vez finalizadas las clases es muy amplia, lo que es muy importante tanto para los estudiantes como para los padres que trabajan!’

Silvia, Spain.

🇮🇳 We are a long way from home and we miss it… but after joining Rockboro (Primary School) it now feels like our second home.
My son is very happy at school. His friends and their families are friendly and helpful and also feel like family. The teachers and school staff are also lovely and committed’

?शाळा ही प्रत्येक माणसाचं व्यक्तिमत्व �?डवणारी पहिली पायरी असते. शाळेत �?डणारे प्रत्यक्ष आणि अप्रत्यक्ष संस्कार आणि शिस्त देशाला एक चांगला सम�?द्ध नागरिक �?डविण्यात मदत करत असतात.

रॉकबोरो प्रायमरी स्कूल ही खेळ, अभ्यास आणि सांस्क�?तिक शिक्षणाचा स�?ंदर मिलाप आहे. माझ्या म�?लाचा होणारा सर्वांगीण विकास हे त्याचे उत्तम उदाहरण आहे. प्रत्येक म�?ल हे स्पेशल असतं, पण त्याची ही स्पेशालिटी ओळखून त्याला त्यान�?सार डेव्हलप करणं ही स�?द्धा एक कला असते आणि ती कला शाळेच्या शिक्षकांना चांगलीच अवगत आहे.
शाळेचा परिसर आणि वर्ग यात भरभर�?न असलेली सकारात्मक ऊर्जा
अजिंक्यला रोज सकाळी ऊठून शाळेत जाण्याची ओढ निर्माण करते’.

Pritti, India

🇺🇸 We are so glad that we ultimately chose Rockboro as we considered schools in the Cork area for our two girls. Moving from abroad, we had many questions and concerns that the staff patiently and kindly addressed.
Because of Rockboro’s experience with international students, the transition for our girls was seamless. The community of parents, students and teachers was warm and welcoming and immediately made us feel comfortable and connected.
These things, combined with the unique learning opportunities the school provided were invaluable. We couldn’t have imagined a more positive experience for our whole family than the one we found at Rockboro’

Lisa & Andrew, USA

🇩🇪 We moved to Ireland in 2016. My husband had already flown in May as his new job led us to Ireland. At the end of August, just before the new school year, our son and I also followed.

Much has changed because of the move but we already feel very comfortable here in a short time. We really noticed this after a visit to Germany. On our return we agreed that we are now at home here. The people are friendly and open-minded.

We had the greatest concern because of the new language for our son, but his teachers and classmates at the school have supported him incredibly well. In the last few months he has already formed an enormous vocabulary, which grows day by day. He also feels at home here and does not miss Germany. All in all, we really like the people we have met here and the multitude of different nationalities that are encountered every day’.

Wir sind 2016 nach Irland umgezogen. Mein Mann ist bereits im Mai geflogen, da sein neuer Job uns nach Irland geführt hat. Ende August, kurz vor dem neuen Schuljahr, sind dann auch unser Sohn und ich gefolgt.
Der Umzug hat viel verändert, aber wir haben uns bereits nach kurzer Zeit sehr wohl hier gefühlt. Bemerkt haben wir dies, nach einem Deutschlandbesuch. Wir waren uns bei der Wiederankunft einig darüber, dass wir jetzt hier zu Hause sind.
Die Menschen sind freundlich und aufgeschlossen.

Die größte Sorge hatten wir wegen der neue Sprache für unseren Sohn, aber seine Lehrer und Mitschüler an der Schule unterstützen ihn sehr gut. In den letzten wenigen Monaten hat er bereits einen enormen Wortschatz gebildet und dieser wächst von Tag zu Tag. Auch er fühlt sich hier inzwischen zu Hause und vermisst Deutschland nicht.

Alles in allem sind wir begeistert von der Umgänglichkeit der Menschen und der Vielzahl an verschiedenen Nationalitäten, auf die man hier täglich trifft’.

Susanne, Germany