Rockboro School was founded as an independent, co-educational and multi-denominational school in 1969. It is run by Rockboro School Association, the management committee of which is comprised of parents and ex-parents elected each year. The Association is established as a Charitable Trust, so that any financial surplus can be used only for school purposes.

As a parents association, Rockboro School is not owned by either a religious order or the state, but rather it is run by the Rockboro School Association  Committee. This independence allows the school to determine its own future through the efforts of each generation of parents in partnership with the staff.

Rockboro receives no state support and is entirely funded by fees and by some additional fundraising from parents. Our school curriculum follows the guidelines set out by the Department of Education & Science for primary schools and maintains the highest standards while having the freedom to augment the curriculum as appropriate in line with the wishes of teachers and parents and with the resources of the school. The implementation of the school’s educational and disciplinary policies is the responsibility of the Headteachers and the teaching staff.