‘It feels like Christmas Eve’: Students at Cork school happy to be back

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ALTHOUGH there were a few tears shed, the overwhelming reaction for children returning to school at Rockboro Primary & Pre-School this morning was a positive one. 

It has been a busy few months for the Board of Management who put in trojan work to make sure the school was safe for students to return to. 

Speaking to The Echo, Sinead Byrne, a trustee of the school, said every effort was made to ensure children felt safe and happy to come back. 

“I think they all felt quite safe and happy going back. 

“For my own children, the first thing they said when they got up this morning was ‘mum it feels like Christmas Eve’,” she said. 

“There were a few tears alright – especially from our pre-schoolers and our junior infants starting big school for the first time. 

“What we had done was we collected some old teddies and dressed them in Rockboro uniforms. 

“We had them all sitting outside and we had lots of old wellies that we had collected during our de-clutter of the school before we reopened. 

“We sanitised them thoroughly and we had filled them with compost and flowers and they were positioned outside the school. 

“Between the teddies dressed in uniforms and the lovely flowers, they were a real distraction for the little ones coming in and they all got to choose a teddy and name it,” she continued. 

The independent school, which prides itself on a holistic approach to learning, offers a wide variety of subjects and after school activities for children to enjoy. 

“For some people who might be running into difficulties with overcrowded classrooms, there still is some space at Rockboro,” said Ms Byrne. 

“We’ve developed pods for our younger classes and the other classes from third class up, they are all socially distanced at one metre apart which is something that maybe some of the other primary schools with bigger classes haven’t been able to do. 

“Fortunately, we have the space so that hasn’t been an issue for us.”